Industry Application


Industry Application
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Successful Cases of Robotech

Robotech, according to the actual situation of the enterprise, plans and designs the integrated scheme of the automatic warehousing and logistics system in an all-round way to meet the practical needs of all enterprises and create value for customers. There are rich successful cases in many industries such as optical fiber, tobacco, aviation, food, electronics, machinery, automobile, medicine, etc.


Key data

China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd Huizhou Project (2017)


Application Context: Raw Material Storage, Finished Products Storage

Solution: 22m-High Twin-mast Stacker Crane; Traveling Speed: 200m/min

Project Highlights: (1) Dual-drive Control to guarantee smooth and steady pick & place (2) high traveling speed to guarantee high throughput

Similar Cases: Dell Project, Lenovo Project, TongDa Project

Lenovo Logistics Center

Key data


No.of goods storage:5352pallets+15000cases

SRM:7 Double Deep SRMs,9m

Multi shuttle:14 Sets

Rate of flow:280 Pcs/Hour

Rate of flow:2400 Case/Hour

Order picking system:Armed with RF chosen+Forklift RF terminalAutomatic packaging by winding

Warehouse Control Software:Uniware-IWMS\WCS

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