• ROBOTECH brand was founded in Dornbirn, Austria in 1988.


At the award dinner, ROBOTECH was honoured with the "SSCL 2024 Excellent Robot and Automation" for its outstanding performance in the field of supply chain and logistics. This honour not only underlines ROBOTECH's technological strength in the field of robotics and automation, but also strengthens its international position in the supply chain and logistics industry. 
Spring is in full swing, and everything is recovering. In this season full of vitality and vitality, ROBO welcomed three groups of CEIBS Suzhou Alumni Association to visit and welcome the new students. This visit is not only a recognition of Robo's outstanding achievements in the field of intelligent warehousing, but also a good opportunity for alumni to deepen friendship and seek common development.
With the vigorous development of the new energy vehicle market, consumers' expectations for cruising range continue to increase, and efficient and convenient energy replenishment technology has become a key point in the development of the industry. In this context, the high-profile "5th New Energy Vehicle and Power Battery (CIBF2024 Chongqing) International Exchange Conference" was held at the Chongqing International Expo Center on April 27-28, 2024. Inform and ROBO appeared at the event as co-sponsors, contributing to the exchange and development of the industry.

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ROBOTECH brand was founded in Dornbirn, Austria in 1988. As a leader in industrial automation and information technology, ROBO provides global customers with a “turn-key” project from system design, equipment manufacturing, system installation and commissioning.


ROBO not only meets customers’ needs, but also provides customers with effective solutions to their problems.

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