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Industry Application
Food & Beverage

Successful Cases of Robotech

Robotech, according to the actual situation of the enterprise, plans and designs the integrated scheme of the automatic warehousing and logistics system in an all-round way to meet the practical needs of all enterprises and create value for customers. There are rich successful cases in many industries such as optical fiber, tobacco, aviation, food, electronics, machinery, automobile, medicine, etc.

China Resources Breweries Co., Ltd

Key data

Industry: Food

Storage cargo locations: 20,000+ pallet locations

Solution: 27 sets of bull series stacker

Ambient temperature: -10-45 °C

Project highlights: (1) The stereoscopic warehouse realizes unmanned operation of all links; (2) Docking of ring conveyor line and stacker crane system

Project Introduction: China Resources Breweries Co., Ltd built a modern logistics center in Huaiyuan County, Anhui Province, for which ROBO provided the stereoscopic warehouse system solution and core equipment, the project demonstrated the successful application of advanced automation and intelligent logistics equipment technology. By introducing high-level stereoscopic automatic storage and retrieval system, ring conveyor line, AGV trolley and goods-to-person picking system, the project has achieved efficient sales support and solved many storage pain points of CR China Resources Breweries, improved production efficiency by 40%, significantly reduced costs, and realized unmanned operation of the entire logistics center from order to transportation. The completion of CR China Resources Breweries Logistics Center will become one of the modern manufacturing parks with the highest degree of automation, the strongest intelligence and the most extensive technology application in China's beer industry. The project not only shows how to optimize the supply chain, improve logistics operation efficiency and service level, but also drives the development of the industrial chain and equipment upgrading, promotes the entire industry to move towards modern standardized logistics, and has a demonstration effect on the development of the industry.

Nantong Jiazhiwei Food Co., Ltd.

Key data

Industry: Food

Storage Cargo Locations QTY: 15160 pallet

Stacker: 2 sets single-deep stackers, 6 sets double-deep stackers

Project highlights: (1) Composite cycle 51 pallet/h inbound and outbound; (2) High-speed horizontal movement speed of 160 m/min; (3) The maximum load is 1100kg/pallet

Project introduction: Nantong Jiazhiwei Food Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of milk tea raw materials, providing syrup and other raw materials for a number of ready-made milk tea enterprises. Due to the rapid expansion of China's milk tea market, Jiazhiwei decided to build an automated distribution center to improve efficiency and reduce costs. In order to achieve this goal, Jiazhiwei chose ROBO as a partner to jointly build a safe, stable and reliable automatic pallet warehouse. This stereoscopic warehouse uses a vertical space of 22.9 meters, has 9 levels and 8 aisles, can accommodate nearly 15,160 pallet locations, and the storage capacity is increased by 3 times. The stacker crane system enables efficient operation with fast entry and exit, high-speed horizontal movement speed and a maximum load of 1100kg/pallet. Through the intelligent warehousing and distribution system, Jiazhiwei realizes first-in-first-out and automatic inventory, avoiding the loss and deterioration of food goods. Jiazhiwei hopes to improve resource utilization with the help of digital logistics and warehousing management to achieve overall efficiency improvement.

Thailand CP Food

Key data

Industry: Food

Storage Reserves: 12586

Stacker: Cheetah Series Stacker

Solution: 7 sets of double-position single deep stacker, load bearing 50kg*2, height 12.7m, horizontal running speed 240m/min, lifting 60m/min, acceleration 0.5m/s²

Ambient temperature: 0-4°C

Project introduction: Thailand CP Food is one of the largest food processing enterprises in Thailand, founded in 1944 and headquartered in Bangkok. The company focuses on the production and sales of poultry meat products, and has rich experience and excellent technical capabilities in breeding, slaughtering and processing. The company's products are exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia and other places, and are deeply trusted by consumers. The rapidly evolving market has also spawned new demand, growing SKUs need flexible management, turnover inventory production increases need to be properly stored, products need first-in-first-out delivery, and the choice of smart warehouses has become particularly important under the huge market demand. In this context, CP Foods chose ROBO as a partner to provide intelligent warehouse core equipment stacker products, in Thailand saraburi to establish an automated stereoscopic warehouse, in the warehouse covering an area of only 351.56 square meters, ROBO made full use of vertical space to configure 7 sets of 12.7 meters high double mast container stackers, which can accommodate 12,586 storage positions, the completion of the project greatly improved the efficiency of warehousing and distribution, and reduced operation and management costs.

Yong Lian Logistics Stereoscopic warehouse

Key data


No.of goods storage:6194 pallets+9024cases

SRM:12 Single/Double Deep SRMs,9m

Rate of flow:1200 Pcs/Hour

Order picking system:Armed with RF chosen+Forklift RF terminal、Automatic packaging by winding

Warehouse Control Software:Uniware-IWMS\WCS


Key data

Yili Project (2018)

Industry: Food & Beverage

Application Context: Cold Storage

Solution: Mini-load Stacker Crane

Project Highlights: Low temperature and high dense storage

Similar Cases: Panpan Project

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